The Fall of Halo Reach Figures Begins

Halo figures began assaulting online media outlets all over the internet during Bungie Day today. After a long dry spell of nothing about Halo figures, McFarlane Toys and finally passed along the "first" photos of the upcoming Halo: Reach figures to various websites. I say "first" because if you have the July issue of Previews then you've already seen each of these figures (plus the ones not shown) in the pages of the Image section. These would be the first official images released online, then. It's still some kind of first.

Series 1 will include the insta-fan favorite Emile, heavy weapons guy Jorge, the sixth Spartan of Noble team simply called Noble Six, an Elite Minor, a Grunt Ultra (what the heck is an Ultra?), an olive/steel Spartan in HAZOP Custom armor, brick/steel Spartan Mark V (Target exclusive), a steel/steel HAZOP (GameStop exclusive), and the gold/steel HAZOP (a Toys 'R' Us exclusive that looks more orange than gold). There will also be three two-packs. The Spartan HAZOP pack will have blue/steel and brick/steel HAZOPs, the UNSC Trooper pack pairs a Light and Heavy trooper together, and the third two-pack contains a white/steel Spartan Mark V with an Elite Ultra.

I'm not sure yet if I like the different colors of the legs and arms versus the rest of the armor. After the years of mostly single colored Spartan armors, this may take some getting used to. It almost makes the figures look like they don't actually have arms and legs. Maybe they'll start to look more like big-ass combat boots and gloves the more I look at them. I do like the weathering and battle damage effects on the armors. It's like these guys have already seen some action before being sealed up in their packages. What's interesting is that these figures are listed as "male" at Is there a difference in male versus female armor in Halo: Reach? I thought all Spartans looked pretty much the same on the outside and it wasn't until the Spartan took off their helmet that you knew if it was really a girl underneath. We'll have to wait until Series 2 or maybe an unrevealed exclusive to see what this gender-labeled armor means.

The figures will be available in September with the Warthog and Ghost vehicles coming shortly after. However, McFarlane Toys dropped a hint that "advance" figures will be at selected retailers in August. Oh, and there will be a San Diego Comic-con exclusive figure, so look forward to that reveal very soon.

- Shawn - 7/7/10

Emile was tailor made specifically to be the fan favorite Spartan.

This is Six, but not the sexy Cylon kind.

If you need something killed by some huge gun, then Jorge is your Spartan.

The Toy 'R' Us exclusive looks more orange than gold. Very bright orange.

White/steel Mark V will be packed with an Elite Ultra.

The required steel colored GameStop exclusive.

Blue/steel HAZOP of the HAZOP two-pack.

The "red" HAZOP isn't actually listed in the Series 1 list. He is really the brick HAZOP of the two-pack.

The Target exclusive brick/steel Mark V.

Hey, a Spartan that might actually be able to use his colored armor as camo.