The New ED-209 Revealed in OmniCorp Ad

The first viral ad for the Robocop remake shows off the new ED-209... and it actually looks great. The new ED-209, heck the whole ad, feels true to the original movie. I just hope the new ED has that aggressive growl like the original. The ad shows off the flying unmanned aerial vehicle XT-908 and shadowy glimpses of the new Robocop suit. The new ED-209 is may be good, but who knows how the new Robocop suit will be. The OmniCorp site is also up with lots of "access denied" links that will probably be updated as he movie gets closer to its 2013 release. If they can keep up with the spirit of the original like this ad does, then I'll be on board.



The new ED-209 may have a ton more weapons than the original, but can it go up and down stairs?

- Shawn - 7/8/12