The Next Bobble Budd is Chuck Greene

I was expecting Capcom and SOTA's second Bobble Budd figure to be another Servbot with a different face or a more popular character (like Ryu), but Capcom has been really pumping up the Dead Rising 2 hype machine lately, so Chuck Greene it is. The Chuck Budd will be an exclusive at PAX Prime and the remainder will probably find their way onto the Capcom Store afterwards. The Servbot was $10, so I'd expect this to be the same. Given my tumultuous past with bobble things I'm still not quite sold on a whole line of Capcom characters in the Bobble Budd form. That Servbot lent itself so well to the format, but I might need to warm up to other characters as Budds. (via Capcom-Unity)

Needs more zombie splatter.

- Shawn - 8/30/10