The Twelve Figures of the G.I. Joe Subscription

Mattel should take a cue from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club on how to handle a figure subscription service. The G.I. Joe Collector's Club subscription service hasn't started yet, but they have already revealed all twelve figures, something they've been steadily doing since August and something that Mattel doesn't do for it's Masters of the Universe Classics figures before asking fans to commit to a year's worth fanboy outrage and factory mistakes. The figures in the G.I. Joe sub are essentially all characters that wouldn't have made it onto a retail peg hook, but that doesn't mean all twelve are bad characters. In the sub will be Quarrel, a Nano-B.A.T., Topside, Dice, Grunt, Iron Claw, Jinx, Barrel Roll, TNT, Sure Fire, Cover Girl, and Big Boa. Also, those that sign-up for the entire 12-figure run will get a secret 13th figure for free. This also implies that you can pick and choose what figures you want. Not all the figures here are great, like the ridiculously stupid Nano B.A.T., so skipping some of these is totally understandable, but you would miss out on whoever the mystery figure is. Judging by the caliber of some of the fan-favorite characters in the subscription like Cover Girl, Big Boa, Dice, and Jinx, that mystery character could be someone so awesome you'd have to get the entire set.

The one figure that really surprised me is Iron Claw. He was the villain in the awful G.I. Joe Extreme from 1995 and the only halfway decent thing from that series.

The bad thing about this is that this could get pricy. The GIJCC hasn't yet set a price on each of the figures, but to get them you have to be a paying member, also known as Officer level, of the GIJCC. The good thing about Officer level is that you also get a free Footloose figure, which is one of the club's best looking exclusive figures to date. As this is actually a 6-month subscription rather than a 12, the figures will be shipped two per month, with each figure on a 25th Anniversary style card. The GIJCC is still working out the other details for when these will be available and when the sign-up period will be. However, they do have the shipping box nailed.

I like the way GIJCC is  handling this so far. They have shown all the figures (except the secret one) before fans even have to sign-up. This is something that Mattel should really think of doing for MOTUC.

- Shawn - 11/20/11