The Vic Viper is Now in a LEGO Set

The Vic Viper from Gradius now has its own LEGO set. While LEGO Vic Vipers are nothing new, an official one from LEGO is. You may have heard of a LEGO group that builds Vic Vipers every "Novvember." The idea for it was by Nate "nnenn" Nielson who passed away last year. LEGO, being the classy chaps they are, are paying tribute to the man and his Vic Viper building skills in the Alien Conquest series' Earth Defense HQ set. Not only is there a Vic Viper in the set, but also a Vic Viper silhouette emblems and Nielson's handle, nnenn, on the decals. It's a shame that Nielson didn't get to see this himself. Unfortunately for Gradius fans and those that want to support this tribute by LEGO, the Earth Defense HQ set runs $90. There is a lot more that is included in the set, but many fans likely just want the Vic Viper. That said, it's still an awesome move by LEGO. (via The Brothers Brick)

The Vic Viper has Vic Viper silhouette and nnenn emblems.

The official LEGO Vic Viper also includes a big space truck and aliens.

- Shawn - 5/21/11