Thrawn and Landspeeder Exclusives at SDCC 2017

Hasbro has revealed their two SDCC 2017 Star Wars Black Series exclusives at Star Wars Celebration; Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luke with Landspeeder. Thrawn is in an over-sized box that folds out into part of his office from Star Wars: Rebels. It also includes a number of relic accessories that Thrawn has collected over the years. This awesome set will be $49.99 at the HasbroToyShop booth. A Thrawn figure by itself will likely be available at retail later.

When Hasbro originally announced the retail Luke with Landspeeder and Rey with Speeder, I wondered if either of them would have the upgraded SDCC exclusive version, and it turns out the Landspeeder will. The Landspeeder will have some extra paint applications, a poncho for Luke, and most likely a fancier box. I'm not sure if anything else will be exclusive to the SDCC set yet, but it will sell for $89.99. The normal retail version will be $59.99 when it arrives in the Fall.

Both of these will be insane sellers at the HasbroToyShop booth; Thrawn especially since he's such a fan favorite figure. Hopefully Hasbro puts a limit of one per person on both of these awesome exclusives.

- Shawn - 4/16/2017