Three More ThreeA SDCC '11 Exclusives

The IDW Heavy Bramble and Popbot with cat aren't the only exclusives ThreeA will have at SDCC 2011. ThreeA is going all out with exclusive World War Robot Square or "Squaro," a World War Robot portable Slaughterhouse Dropcloth, and a TK Unleashed 4-pack. The only info so far is that the Squaro will be at the Toy Tokyo booth for an undetermined price. The pricing and locations of the Dropcloth Slaughterhouse and TK 4-pack have yet to be revealed. Take a gander at the photos below and head to ThreeA for more photos of each figure. I think there is also at least one more SDCC exclusive that ThreeA is going to have.

The Slaughterhouse Dropcloth likes to chop his way to the top.

The Dropcloth even has a pocket for the decapitated head. How htoughtful.

A robotic square with feet is surprisingly creepy.

Demand a Squaro from the Toy Tokyo booth.

Four TK's in red with different hair and lots of blades.

ThreeA really knows eye-catching packaging.

- Shawn - 7/2/11