ThreeA & Valve Tease 12 Inches of Peabody

By now the ThreeA/Valve collaboration should be known amongst both ThreeA and Valve fans. Last month ThreeA showed off the first piece of the collab, a Companion Square crossover that embodies both companies. Today, Valve posted a teaser image on their Facebook page of what clearly looks like a prototype in progress of Peabody from Portal 2. Also, thanks to the measuring tape in front of the figure, it's easy to see that Peabody will be 12-inches tall. Who knows when more images will be shown or when the figure will actually come out, but if there is a Peabody then there will definitely be an Atlas. Time for a well-deserved high five. (via the ThreeA forums)

That is 12-inches of unpainted Peabody prototype action.

- Shawn - 4/17/12