ThreeA's Atlas and P-body Painted Prototypes

ThreeA's versions of Portal 2's Atlas and P-body made an appearance in ThreeA's booth at ACG 2012, fully painted and with their own Portal Gun for some hot co-op puzzle solving action. This is the first look we get of the two painted prototypes since we last saw them earlier in 2012, all naked and gray. Both these figures look amazing and are incredibly detailed and realistic. According to the ThreeA forum, they will actually have the eye animation sequence, too, which just adds to the realism. The figures look to be about 12" or so in height when compared to the figures in the third photo. As usual with prototype ThreeA figures, these don't yet have a release date, price, nor do know whether these will be sold singly or as a pair, but they should be available sometime in 2013. You can check out a ton more photos of ThreeA's other goodies at the ThreeA blog.

P-Body and Atlas include Portal Guns for co-op puzzle solving action.

Atlas' eye is currently off, but once it's powered on it should do that eye animation just like in the game.

Atlas and P-Body appear to be in the 12" range (back left). This is also another photo of the amazing Metal Gear REX.

- Shawn - 1/1/13