ThreeA Braves Lost Planet Figures

If you missed it, ThreeA teased a collaboration with Capcom back at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. With Capcom's rich catalog of IPs, it could have been nearly anything. Then, very quietly, it was revealed to be Lost Planet in a forum post in December. Now, at the Beast Kingdom Toys show in Taiwan, we get our first look at the ThreeA's Lost Planet goods. Personally, I was hoping for one of Capcom's other properties to get the ThreeA treatment, mainly Mega Man or maybe even Street Fighter, but ThreeA's Lost Planet figures will certainly be cool, regardless how many people actually love the series.

ThreeA is braving the world of Lost Planet.

ThreeA is making a Drio mech with pilot, and a 1/6 scale figure. The unpainted prototype Drio looks like it could be in the 16" range. The smaller figure included with the Drio is also in the prototype phase. The larger 1/6 scale figure is a larger version of the Drio pilot and looks like it's just about fished. I'm not sure how many of these ThreeA will really sell, give the mediocre reception of Lost Planet 2 and I've been seeing the Kotobukiya LP mechs on clearance for the past year of so. Maybe part 3 will sway some more fans looking for pricey, yet amazing, Lost Planet toys. Who knows if ThreeA has anything else up their sleeve, but I would love to see some of the Lost Planet creatures or other Capcom properties.

ThreeA also showed off Portal's Atlas and P-body who are both looking ridiculously awesome. Visit the ThreeA blog to see all their stuff on display at Best Kingdom Toys.

- Shawn - 4/7/13