ThreeA Brings in Recruit and Thorne Halo Figures

Anyone waiting for ThreeA's Master Chief will have to wait just a little bit longer. Next up for ThreeA's Halo figures are Spartan Gabriel Thorne and a Spartan Recruit in Mjolnir armor. I'm actually surprised that Thorne is the next Spartan instead of another member of Noble team. Thorne will be available at retail and ThreeA's Bambaland web store, while the Recruit is a ThreeA Bambaland exclusive.

The Spartan recruits are packed with LEDs these days.

Both 1/6 scale figures stand approximately 13.5" tall, over 35 points of articulation, and include an assault rifle, handgun, and combat knife. The assault rifle and handgun magnetically attach to the shoulder armor and upper leg armor respectively. The Recruit also includes a sniper rifle. The figures also have illuminated helmet and armor from 24 LEDs. I think that's more LEDs than their previous Halo figures have had. The figures will go up for pre-order on Bambaland on October 17th. Meanwhile, check out the Lookbooks for more photos of these two amazing figures. Next up for their Halo figures should be Master Chief, for those waiting for the big man himself.

Thorne before more of Noble team?

- Shawn - 10/13/14