ThreeA Carved Up Emile and Spartan EVA Halo Figures

ThreeA's next Halo figures are the carved visor Spartan Emile and a Spartan Mark V EVA. I love Emile's look with his custom carved visor, but I did not like the character. The EVA is a Bambaland exclusive and its paint color is close to the exclusive Spartan Commando they released with Carter. Whenever ThreeA eventually makes all of Noble Squad maybe there will be a full squad of similar looking Bamba exclusive version for another entire squad. ThreeA has actually improved the figure based on feedback from fans. The magnets are stronger, the rubberized suit and articulation are enhanced, and they've improved the placement of the switch to light up all those sweet fiber optics. These two are actually available for pre-order at Bambaland right now, so if you want one, jump on it before they're taken down. The 13.5" tall figures are $220 each and have fiber-optic illuminated armor, cloth soft case with functioning clasps, are fully articulated, include a shotgun, knife, and grenade canisters and shells, and look totally bad-ass. I think Master Chief is next up for ThreeA's Halo releases, so if the Chief is the one you're waiting for, it shouldn't be too much longer. Maybe.

ThreeA left the helmet clean so you can carve your own scary face on the visor... okay not really, but I'd be interested to see if anyone actually does carve their own custom face on it.

Emile is ready. How 'bout you?

- Shawn - 8/29/13