ThreeA Dropping Carter and Spartan Commando Halo Figures

ThreeA dropped a teaser for Halo: Reach's Carter three months ago, but now they have posted full details on their two inaugural Halo figures, Carter and the Spartan Commando MKV. Now, I like what McFarlane Toys' and Square Enix's have been putting out for Halo, but ThreeA's figures are going to blow them away because these guys are packed with cool features. The fully-articulated, 1/6 scale 13.5" figures (including articulated fingers) have a rubberized suit over the body that the armor is attached to. They also have a fiber-optic illuminated helmet and armor and magnetized shoulder shields and rear punch so weapons can be easily attached. The figures also each include a Marksman rifle, two Frag Grenades, and combat knife with sheath. Yeah, these are basically the best Halo figures ever. Both figures will be available on August 1st at Bambaland for $200 each, but while Carter will be available at other retailers, the Spartan Commando is exclusive to Bambaland. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Master Chief gets the ThreeA treatment.

Fiber optics, magnetics, rubberized, weapons, and articulated fingers. This Spartan is packed for action.

With all those features Carter should be unstoppable. Unless he sacrifices himself.

- Shawn - 7/25/12