ThreeA's Invincible Iron Man Blasts Out Soon

ThreeA's incredible version of the Invincible Iron Man will go up for pre-order on February 13th Hon Kong Time, so the 12th for some places in the world. As mentioned previously, there will be 4 colorways with Classic, Prototype, Silver Centurion, and Stealth. The Stealth and Prototype armors are exclusive to Bambaland, while the prototype armor is extra exclusive being only available to 3AA members.

The Invincible Iron Man, retro-styled with some big-ass boosters.

The figures are 1/6 scale and fully articulated. There are LEDs in the chest, eyes, and probably the palms. Most of the lights are blue, but the Stealth armor will actually have red eyes. I'm hoping these will eventually be released in 1/12 scale, but I doubt they will be. More details and the price for Iron Man will be announced closer to the sale date, but I'd expect it to be around $200. Check out the Lookbook to see the figures at various angles and poses, including close-ups of those awesome boosters.

The Prototype armor is exclusive only 3AA members. Sorry, true believers.

The Stealth armor is exclusive is Bambaland.

Iron Man is just the first of Ashley Wood's take on Marvel characters. Coming up will be Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, and whoever else. I really like his take on the character and I'm very interested to see how the others will look.

The Silver Centurion to round out the four Iron Men.

- Shawn - 2/5/14