ThreeA's Master Chief Drops Soon

Since ThreeA started making Halo figures, no character has been more anticipated than Master Chief. The Chief is almost here. While being the first character, or a constantly re-made figure, from other companies, Master Chief is in the fourth round of ThreeA's Halo figures, or their seventh Halo figure, because they strive to make things perfect. Everybody knows Master Chief, so he has to be perfect. ThreeA's other Spartans of Carter, Emile, and Thorne were each paired with an exclusive nameless Spartan, but it looks like the Chief will be all on his own. As it should be, really.

Master Chief doesn't need a weapon. He has plenty.

So, instead of a repainted figure as the exclusive, Bambaland's Master Chief will have an exclusive Light Rifle. The Chief also includes an Assault Rifle, Railgun, and combat knife. The figure will stand 13.5" tall with over 35 points of articulation in his Mark VI armor. Like ThreeA's other Halo figures, the weapons can be attached to the shoulder armor via magnets, plus the 4 LEDs in his helmet will light up.

There is a missed opportunity here, though; the Chief doesn't include a mini Cortana figure to place in his hand! This would have made the figure even more amazing. Master Chief will go up for pre-order on November 20th 9am Hong Kong time, so 19th for us in the states. He'll cost a little more than the previous ThreeA Spartans and be priced at $240. If you don't want the Chief just yet, he'll be available at regular retailers later, but without the Light Rifle. Check out the Lookbook for more photos of The Chief.

Now that the Chief is here, I can't wait to see ThreeA's Elite.

- Shawn - 11/13/14