ThreeA's Metal Gear RAY Prototype Scanned

ThreeA's prototype of Metal Gear RAY has been spotted in a recent Hobby Japan magazine. The scan of the magazine page shows an unpainted, yet more detailed prototype than what Yoji Shinkawa was admiring back in May. The photos show a couple angles of RAY, the opening cockpit, where some of the LED lights will be, and an arms down pose for when RAY gets sleepy. In the corner of the scanned page is Yoji holding the massive 1:48 scale, child-sized RAY.

Metal Gear RAY may not be complete yet, but it is already impressive as hell... and incredibly huge.

Supposedly this will be available for pre-order sometime in 2013. Because ThreeA has been striving to make REX perfect, there has been a long wait for REX to ship since it was pre-ordered. Hopefully there will be a smaller wait window with RAY, but perfection like this is worth waiting for. (via 3AVOX Facebook page)

- Shawn - 12/27/12