ThreeA Metal Gear RAY Specs and Details

ThreeA has released all the specs for their incredible 1/48 scale Metal Gear RAY, along with a ton of new photos in a dedicated Lookbook. Here we go. RAY is 16.5" high, 15" wide, 17.7" long, and has a massive 38.6" wingspan. That's over 3 feet for the wingspan! Holy hell, this guy is going to take up a lot of room, even more than REX does.

RAY is coming. Make room.

It's fully articulated for any kind of pose, but requires the included articulated display base to stand and be posed. I remember reading somewhere that RAY didn't actually need the base and could stand on its own. That may still be true, but for something this massive that doesn't have the big feet/legs that REX has, they may just be saying it's required so people don't break RAY. The stand can support the full weight of RAY, without it even touching the ground, from the looks of some of the Lookbook photos. The feet are covered with a rubberized material for a little extra traction for standing. The mouth also opens and features a detailed interior. The eyes and cockpit light-up, but I'm a little disappointed that there isn't some cool LED sequence like REX had with the railgun. It's okay, though, since everything else looks so amazing.

As expected, the Bambaland exclusive pilot figurine is a 3cm Liquid Ocelot, who can be placed inside the cockpit for a legendary Old Snake Vs. Ocelot Metal Gear battle. The Bambaland exclusive version will probably have some slightly different box art, too. There are no photos of Liquid Ocelot yet, but if you've seen the Old Snake from REX, then you know what to expect.

The stand can support the full weight if you want RAY in the air.

It's still a mystery on when RAY will actually ship, but it'll probably be quicker than REX took. Pre-orders will open soon at Bambaland, the 24th 9am Hong Kong time is the 23rd in some parts of the world, and may only remain open for 24 hours. Again, this is the worst time of the year for this pre-order to happen. Check out the PDF format Lookbook to see RAY in more poses and start making room.

- Shawn - 12/23/13