ThreeA's Metal Gear REX Box

While we've seen recent photos from Hideo Kojima, ThreeA themselves have been a little quiet on the status of their incredible Metal Gear REX. It was originally going to ship in August, but in today's VOX newsletter, blog post, and Facebook post, REX will start shipping in October. The retail version will actually be shipping out first, which is a little weird, but it's because the Snake pilot that is included with the Bambaland version adds more time in the factory for REX. ThreeA said that, because of the sheer size (and awesomeness), they want to take their time and be careful, so shipments will be slowing sneaking out of the factory.

ThreeA also gives us the first look at the gigantic box that REX will be in, measuring 55.5 x 47 x 53.5 cm and weighing nearly 20 pounds. That's huge and heavy. This is the retail box, which looks fantastic, but the Bambaland version will have a different one. Start clearing out a space for REX now.

Where did Snake find a box big enough to hide REX under?

- Shawn - 9/26/12