ThreeA Metal Gear REX Hits March 2nd

The time many Metal Gear fans have been waiting years for is almost here. ThreeA's latest VOX newsletter revealed that their amazing Metal Gear REX will go on sale March 2nd at 9:00 AM, which could be a slightly different time depending on your local time zoning, of course. ThreeA got on my map because of a random photo of REX I saw back in 2009 and is the reason I started following the awesome stuff they do. The price is a gut-punching $490, but is around what fans have been expecting. I'm sure many would pay even more if they had to. REX will have its own special newsletter soon, but for now ThreeA has supplied some new photos of the fully camo-painted 1/48 scale REX. Check out much bigger versions of the photos over at the ThreeA blog.

Fully camo REX is awaiting orders.

- Shawn - 2/24/12