ThreeA Metal Gear REX Targets January

ThreeA has posted new shots of their amazing Metal Gear REX unpainted prototype with a targeted release date in January 2012. ThreeA has a ton of cool toys, but this will be the coolest of them all. REX stands approximately 42 cm tall, which is about 16.5 inches. It's got lights, too, including a sick light-up Railgun. There will also be a small Snake figure that will be able to sit in the cockpit, according to the ThreeA forums. Of course, Ashley Wood is doing the box art for it since he has a lot of experience producing Metal Gear Solid art. This will apparently be the most expensive thing ThreeA has made, but it will definitely be worth it. Save up.

Metal Gear REX is targeting your collection in January.

- Shawn - 11/12/11