ThreeA Metal Gear REX VOX Special

ThreeA sent out a special VOX newsletter that's all about Metal Gear REX, just before the beast goes on sale tomorrow. The VOX also included a ginormous photo collage of the incredible REX. For those fans that don't get VOX, here's the full text copied and pasted, because this is what Metal Gear fans have been waiting years for.

Welcome to the the MG REX VOX SPECIAL newsletter!

It was early days at ThreeA and I was working on the new PSP MGS game and thought how cool it would be to make some really good, really authentic MGS toys. I mean, cmon, one of the greatest video games of all time really needs the best toys of all time..right !

Cut to a few years later and lot of hard work we have finally arrived at the pre-order of 1/48 scale MG REX, the utmost time and attention has been applied here, from authentic details to articulation it has all been a labor of love. Fully approved by Konami and most importantly Yoji Shinkawa the father of MG REX!

This is an exciting time for us here at 3A, this toy shows what is possible when coming to making fantastically AUTHENTIC toys based on video games, soon we will announce some more exciting projects!

MGS REX will go onsale at Bambaland on March 2nd at 9-00am HONG KONG TIME, $490USD which includes world wide shipping.  Your MG REX will ship in AUGUST.

The rail-gun is nearly 2 feet long. 2 feet!

The collage also gives us the measurements of REX; sitting position height: 36 cm, width: 36 cm, length: 50 cm, and rail-gun length: 59cm. It's huge, and that rail gun is nearly two-feet long. Head to the ThreeA blog to see the collage in all it's awesome glory, then go get yourself one.

- Shawn - 2/29/12