ThreeA/Valve Affair Begins with Companion Square

ThreeA announced an unexpected collaboration with Valve in last week's VOX newsletter. Speculation on what it meant was rampant, but some days later the ThreeA blog posted a photo of the first thing to come out of this new love affair, the Companion Square: a crossover of the Companion Cube from Portal and ThreeA's World War Robot Square. It's such a perfect crossover piece that represents both companies and a great way to begin the collaboration. The Square looks a little creepier than normal with the pink hearts of the Companion Cube. There are no details on the scale, when it'll be out, or how much other than this lone image. Details are sure to come as ThreeA will reveal everything in time.

The ThreeA/Valve affair is off to a lovely creepy start.

- Shawn - 3/23/12