ThreeA/Valve Companion Square is an SDCC '12 Exclusive

The first thing shown from the ThreeA/Valve collaboration was something that perfectly combined both companies, the Companion Square. A cross between ThreeA's World War Robot Square and Portal's Companion Cube, it's an amazing start to what ThreeA can offer Valve fans. And now it's a SDCC 2012 exclusive. This is bad news for any Portal fans that aren't attending SDCC. In fact, the Companion Square is actually one of two ThreeA/Valve SDCC exclusives this year, meaning there will be another cool piece that only a few can obtain. If ThreeA's SDCC exclusives work like last year's, then there will also be a very limited number available at ThreeA's Bambaland store sometime after the con.

The Companion Square got a little dirty since last we saw it.

Speaking of ThreeA SDCC exclusives, another Square, the Mighty Squaro, will be at the 'con. Squaro will be subject to a pre-sale and can be picked up at SDCC. There are also exclusive T-Shirts in a bullet shaped box, and other T-Shirts that only ThreeA members can get. There are more SDCC exclusive coming from ThreeA, too. If you're a ThreeA fan going to SDCC, you'll have your hands full.

Mighty and with extra flappage.

- Shawn - 5/30/12