ThreeA Zaku Coming Soon with an Ax

The ThreeA blog has posted new photos of the Ashley Wood-designed Zaku, which is now shown with its big-ass ax in the final photo. I'm not sure if this is the final paint or not, though. I'm half-expecting a green version and maybe a red version. I love this, but hate it at the same time. The proportions and re-imagined design are fantastic, but I absolutely hate that it has two eyes. The single eye would make it a perfect alternate Zeon Zaku. ThreeA and Bandai's collaborative Zaku will be hitting the ThreeA's Bambaland store soon, but exactly how soon, whether it be a couple weeks or a couple months, is unknown. I'm hoping that this hits after REX.

Slightly more intimidating than a normal Zaku. And with extra tubes.

That ax.

- Shawn - 12/11/11