ThreeA Zaku Hitting Jan. 5th

The countdown has begun for Ashley Wood's interpretation of Gundam's classic Zaku, which will go on sale Jan 5th at 4:59pm, depending on your local time zone of course. Even though it suffers from two-eye syndrome, it is still pretty damn cool and is an Ashley Wood-designed Zaku. We won't know how much this is going to be until it goes on sale, so here's hoping for something not too ridiculously expensive. ThreeA also posted a photo of the Zaku at some convention with what might be the final paint apps. It looks more camo and less green than I was expecting. You can check out a much larger version of the photo at the ThreeA blog. January is going to be a painful month with both the Zaku and REX going on sale.

That Gundam fan is too entranced by ThreeA''s Zaku to notice a random chick sneaking into his backpack.

- Shawn - 12/29/11