ThreeA Zaku Pre-Order Shots

ThreeA's Ashley Wood-designed Zaku went up for pre-order today, bringing with it a mobile suit-sized price tag.  The Zaku stands about 16" tall, is fully articulated, and of course includes the huge gun and Ax. Going through some ThreeA forums postings, Ashley Wood had posted that as of now, this is the only figure from the Gundam universe that is planned, and this is the only edition of the Zaku; so no alternate colors for now. Depending on how the Zaku sells, he might get to follow up with his Gundam idea.

The ThreeA blog posted some new photos of the Zaku the day before the pre-order started, which may or may help fans decide if they'll be buying it or not. Most likely the determining factor will be the price (and maybe the two eyes).

I do want to see the Zaku successful enough so we can see Ashley Wood's Gundam.

I don't think anyone was expecting the price of it to be so high. I was expecting maybe $200 at the very most, but the final price is... $330. Holy shit. At least that includes shipping. And why is the price so high? Bandai. It's not a ThreeA IP, so costs are higher and Bandai needs to get their money.  Going through the forums, the price has already scared off some ThreeA regulars, but mainly because the ThreeA memberships will be available soon. The Zakus will actually be deploying in May and are being made to order, so however many crazed ThreeA/Gundam fans order it, that's about the number that'll be made.

Oh, and one more thing. Ashley also kind of dropped a bomb on everyone in the forums: He's busy with Mazinger. That probably means we'll see an awesome ThreeA Mazinger in the future.

- Shawn - 1/5/12