ThreeA's G1 Optimus Prime Rolling Out

ThreeA announced a while back that they had the Transformers G1 license and their first offering is leader of the Autobots himself, Optimus Prime. Ashley Wood gave Optimus a stylized sleeker look, what he calls a brawler physique. ThreeA has been already producing some of the movie Transformers, but it's G1 that fans really wanted. While it would be awesome, Optimus doesn't transform. This inability will no doubt put some people off, but even without the feature it is such an incredible figure.

Optimus stands a heroic 16-inches tall with a insane 59 points of articulation. In a nice nod to the original Transformers toys, the figure has 30% die-cast metal detailing. He features LED light-up eyes, Matrix chamber, blaster rifle, and Autobot badge. Accessories include the Matrix of Leadership, blaster rifle, energon ax, tankard grenades, and removable tire wells.

One thing absent is that there is not a Bambaland exclusive version with an exclusive weapon or accessory. I think something like that would give fans more of incentive to pre-order through them. There are photos out on the interwebs of variants on the Optimus body of Ultra Magnus and Nemesis Prime, but only Optimus is being offered for now. ThreeA tends to put variants up for pre-order at the same time as the original figure, but it's probably good that they're only offering Optimus and not all three at once considering that Optimus is a big $390. Check out the Lookbook for all sorts of things Optimus can do.

- Shawn - 1/26/17