ThreeA's Iron Man Lives, Walks, Conquers

ThreeA has posted new action shots of their unpainted prototype of The Invincible Iron Man. Designed by Ashley Wood, this thing is looking super cool and I'm digging the retro vibe it has. It reminds a lot of people of the Iron Giant, including myself, which isn't a bad thing. It looks like there will be LEDs in the chest, hands, and eyes. Apparently there will be multiple colorways, probably based on some of Iron Man's more iconic armors. I wouldn't mind a completely gray version to be a "1st appearance" Iron Man. Pre-orders for the 1/6 scale figure might open up in December if everything is approved by then, so we should see the colored figures before then.

After Iron Man will be Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spider-Man, and more characters. I can't wait to see what Doctor Doom and Ultron are going to look like.




- Shawn - 11/16/13