ThreeZero's Iron Kong is Coming

A Shield Liger needs a good adversary, so the next Zoid from ThreeZero is the mighty Iron Kong. We've known about Iron Kong for a while, but ThreeZero has released a couple new photos of the unpainted prototype. This might be the first time we get to see the back of Kong. I also didn't realize how many blades were on it before. I'm thinking all those blades will spin, too. The fingers look like they're articulated and I'm sure a small pilot figurine will be included. Kong should be the same 1/72 scale as the Shield Liger. According to ThreeZero and previous photos, Iron Kong almost as tall as a 1/6 scale 12" figure, but is very bulky for that Kong presence.

ThreeZero's bulky, bladed, Iron Kong.

Since it's bigger than the Shield Liger, it'll also be more expensive. The full specs and paint apps will be released closer to release, which should be later this year.

- Shawn - 1/13/14