ThreeZero Scavenging Dead Space 3

ThreeZero is making an Isaac Clarke figure from his Dead Space 3 appearance, when the series got more action-y and snowy. Standing at 12" tall, the 1/6 scale figure features a light-up helmet and spine. There aren't too many other details about the figure yet, like whether the helmet will be removable or not, but I'm guessing not because of the LED lighting. The figure will obviously include the trusty Plasma Cutter, as you it's the most important tool / weapon in the galaxy.

Less scares, more snow.

It would be cool to see at least one other weapon included. Maybe a ThreeZero exclusive version could have an extra weapon or something. ThreeZero has some quick and dirty photos of the prototype from Thailand Toy Expo on their Facebook, but expect them to release better photos soon. Pre-orders will be going up later in the year.

This is a prototype. The final figure will definitely look better.

I'd like to see ThreeZero do a Dead Space 1 suit in the future.

- Shawn - 5/8/14