ThreeZero's Shield Liger Roars Up

It's Zoids' 30th anniversary and Takara Tomy is not only celebrating with new model kits of their own, but also got ThreeZero to make the most incredible Zoids figures ever. ThreeZero is releasing a Shield Liger that is looking absolutely amazing. The weathered paint really works and makes it look as close to a mechanical lion/tiger mech thing that could exist in the real world. This Shield Liger is 1/72 scale, super-poseable, and includes a little pilot. It looks like that cockpit might even light up. I have an affinity for Zoids, having many of the model kits from the early 2000s, and I'm almost as excited for this I was was for ThreeA's Metal Gear REX. I was kind of hoping that Bambaland would put a limited run up so fans wouldn't have to order from an import retailer, but since it's ThreeZero and not ThreeA, fans will have to look elsewhere. BigBadToyStore and Hobby Link Japan currently have this up for pre-order with a scheduled release for March 2014.

Is that Van in the pilot seat? Nah, he's not even hardcore enough to pilot ThreeZero's Shield Liger.

ThreeZero is also working on Iron Kong, which has only been seen as an unpainted prototype so far, but I'm sure it'll look just as amazing once it's finished and be a suitable opponent for the Shield Liger.

- Shawn - 12/7/13