ThreeZero's Iron Kong Brings a Pounding

ThreeZero's second Zoid, the mighty Iron Kong, is ready and willing to bring some poundings to whatever you got. The 1/72 scale Kong has over 50 points of articulation, including the opening mouth and cockpit, spinning blades, and articulated fingers. It has all the detail and weathering you might expect from an awesome ThreeZero product and includes two pilots and a light-up cockpit. Unlike Shield Liger, ThreeZero is offering Iron Kong directly from their webstore for an equally mighty $300. Unfortunately, there is no ThreeZero exclusive item or colorway for Iron Kong, so you're basically deciding if you want it sooner than later by ordering direct from ThreeZero. It will be shipping during the second quarter of this year.

Iron Kong is here to pound out the old Shield Liger.

Now what will ThreeZero make for their third Zoid? There are so many possibilities.

- Shawn - 1/17/15