ThunderCats Minimates Get Loose at SDCC '12

Diamond Select Toys' ThunderCats Minimates will be loosed upon SDCC with an exclusive debut set. The set includes Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm-Ra, Jaga, and Snarf, all in 2" blocky yet awesomely accurate Minimate versions. Lion-O has an alternate yelling head, two Swords of Omens (one short, one long), and his Claw Glove. Panthro has his Nunchucks and Mumm-Ra has his staff. The set is limited to 3000, is $20, and is only being sold at the Action Figure Xpress booth.

ThunderCats Minimates Ho it up at SDCC.

AFX has a ton of exclusives this year, including a couple very cool and expensive polystone Thunder Tank and Cat's Lair statues. AFX is also having an SDCC pre-order. Attendees can pre-order now and pick up their goodies at the show. ThreeA and Mattel also did this with their SDCC exclusives and it's a great way to guarantee some goodies and avoid a few lines. It would be absolutely fantastic if Hasbro started doing this.

- Shawn - 6/30/12