ThunderCats Return to Re-Loosen Themselves

Even though the show was amazing, I was worried about ThunderCats. It felt like the show just kind of disappeared, the toys seemed to be fizzling out a bit, and Cartoon Network never mentioned anything about the series continuing until about a week or so ago. Well, ThunderCats will finally be returning on March 24th. The time slot has changed to Saturdays at 9:30 am EST/PST, which now gives me a reason to wake up Saturday morning. Two new clips from episode 14 accompanied this welcome news of ThunderCats' return. One of the clips introduces Addicus and Kaynar, better known in the old show as Monkian and Jackalman. I like the look of the two new-old characters, but I'm not sure about their voices just yet. I'll probably get used to them after hearing them a bit, but right now they sound a little too different and the voice don't seem to match how they look for now. Anyway, it's great that ThunderCats is returning. This is one show that definitely deserves to be continued onward. (via ToyNewsi)


Also, spoiler alert if you have yet to see last aired episode before this: Panthro lost his arms in the last episode and to Robear Berbils will make him robotic arms. Awesome.

- Shawn - 3/6/12