-Eidos (2000)




Time traveling aliens are messing with seemingly unimportant fetch-quests in our past, present, and future.  

My Thoughts:

From the developers of the much-ballyhooed GoldenEye for the N64 comes a fresh FPS for the PS2. The premise of the game is simple enough: Find an item and return it to where you started. It may not sound like much, but it is a ton of fun.

This game moves at a fast and smooth 60fps, even on four-way multiplayer. The control scheme is comfortable and you値l be cruising through the levels in no time. Until you get to the top difficulty, that is. This game gets really hard on hard. You値l be venting your anger towards the screen as it mocks your inability to shoot quickly enough but you値l calm down and go back again because you need to unlock that extra zombie to use in the multiplayer. Unlocking everything is worth the pain you値l go through for this game.    

The level designs are excellent. You値l be shooting mobsters in a Chinese kitchen, recovering an ancient artifact in Egypt, sniping enemy agents, battling fierce aliens aboard your space cruiser, and canceling all flights in a futuristic airport. When you do obtain whatever item you're killing everyone for, the TimeSplitters pop in and make your life a little more difficult. They try to prevent you from reaching your rendezvous point with the goods.

The character designs are also excellent and have a unique style. Their looks range from kick-ass cool to totally strange. Characters consist of mobsters, aliens, zombies, airport robots, Chinese cooks, and other oddball stuff. You won稚 grow tired of these guys.    

TimeSplitters only real flaw is the lack of any kind of story. The developers probably couldn稚 think of any logical reason why these different time periods and characters would be connected so they just left the story out. As you get into the game, it痴 not a big deal that a story is absent, though it does feel a little incomplete. With your progression in 都tory mode (can it really be called story mode with no story?), on its varying difficulties, you unlock new characters, weapons, and stages to use in the real game the multiplayer. There is a fully loaded sack of multiplayer modes, each of which is completely customizable with weapons, characters and, well, everything. You can pretty much customize anything you want in multiplayer, which adds so much replay, because you値l be inventing new ways to play the same levels.

There are also challenge modes. These require you to kill all the mutants or break all the windows in a limited amount of time. These are fun diversions and grant you more unlockables. When you finally get through playing each level every way you can think of it痴 time to build your own. You can create your own levels with the map editor. You select a style, spawn points, and your own challenge, if you think you need another.

A cool feature in the game is how it records everything you do. It has the number of bullets fired, guys killed, plates broken, miles traveled, and everything else. "Every move you make, every plate you break, it値l be watching you." 

This game may lack a story, but who cares when the game is this good. Get some friends together and get nuts with the multiplayer.

Score: 9.0