Top Gun: Air Combat

-MoGame/Mforma (2003)

-played on a Sanyo 8200


The Story

Maverick and Iceman are two hotshot pilots ready to graduate from Top Gun Naval Flying School. They have perfected their skills in shooting targets and ladies alike. An unknown enemy force has appeared on radar. Itís probably those damned Ruskies again. What better way to prove their status as Top Guns than by taking down the enemy army themselves. It's  time to fly into the danger zone to defend their rights to be cocky and arrogant.



My Thoughts

Was Top Gun really that popular in 2003 where a cell phone game needed to be made around the license? I didnít think it was, but regardless here is a game that features Maverick and Iceman in some top down shooting action.

The first stage is at the end of the pilotsí training. Destroying the enemy MiGs ensures their status as Top Guns. After the short ďCongratulations, you graduatedĒ line, the pilots are ordered to take out more enemy fighters attacking the base. There is a third stage and that turns out to be the most disappointing aspect of the game; there are only three stages. Siberian Strike's lack of a save feature severely hurt it and while Top Gun does save after each stage, it's almost pointless because the game is pretty easy. I completed the game the first time I played and was surprised it ended so soon. I went through the game with the other pilot, but it didnít feel much different as the two are almost identical.

Both F-14s have normal guns and missiles. The guns donít have an auto-fire option, but it does shoot for a few seconds after you press the fire button. An auto-fire is always preferable, but at least you donít have to press the button all the time, only most of the time. Each pilot has a limited number of missiles and more can be obtained from power-ups. The missiles you fire off are almost cartoony because of how big they are compared with the planes. Maverick has homing missiles and Iceman gets straight on power missiles. Other than the missiles the planes seem to fly the same. The F-14s also have a fuel bar which acts as the power bar for the jet. Every time youíre hit it reduces your fuel and you can pick up extra fuel containers.

The graphics are decent, but I have already seen much better visuals in other cell shooters. A short, repeating loop of music continually plays during the game, which doesnít matter too much since I usually play these with the sound turned off.

Unlike Raiden, this isnít a game I want to continually play through when I bored and all I have is my cell phone. Top Gun is just average shooter fun that needed a better challenge and more stages.

Score: 5.0





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