Top Gun: Gulf Crisis

-Mforma (2006)

-Played on a Motorola Slvr

The Story:

The war over blood and oil never ceases. These days it takes guts and a cool bad-ass attitude to make any progress against those that seek to steal the precious black gold. Fortunately for us, the two best Top Guns are here to save our inflated and greed driven economy. Maverick and Iceman are assigned to launch into the depths of the Gulf to take on a new threat that recently emerged. This organization thinks it can steal the oil that we have already killed for. Well they're wrong because Maverick and Iceman are about to enter the danger zone once again.


My Thoughts:

The first Top Gun: Air Combat mobile game was a pretty average shooter. It did nothing to really impress and was a mere skirmish in the world of shooters. The sequel was a much better game in all areas and proved to be a formidable challenge. After Air Combat II I was wondering if a third game would eventually make its debut and if it would be better still. Another mobile Top Gun has arrived, but there are some major changes to the previous overhead shooter formula.

Top Gun: Gulf Crisis is nothing more than an After Burner clone. Iím not speaking of the good arcade and Genesis versions of After Burner, but the wholly average mobile version of After Burner II. There are a couple things that sets Gulf Crisis apart from Segaís jet game, though. Most notably are the two selectable planes and actual bosses at the end of some missions. Unlike ABIIís ongoing missions, Gulf Crisis is limited to five, but it does have a story. The graphics are almost identical. There are also micro-mini cut scenes before each mission. Neato!

The game starts in the Arabian Sea with an aircraft carrier boss which has huge turrets. It totally screws up the whole concept of an aircraft carrier, but its something big to fight. And What is worse than an escort mission? An escort mission on a phone and that is what you'll be doing in stage two right after you get done flying through mountain pillars that are difficult to avoid. After clearing the mountains relatively scathed, you must deal with protecting Hollywood from a swarm of enemy fighters. The Syrian Desert comes up third on the locales and has a giant stealth plane for a boss. The next stage is a trip to a land of ice. Wait, an ice mission directly after the Syrian Desert? Where in the Gulf does this game possibly take place? No matter, at least you get to fight an ice tank boss. Lastly we have a mission in the big sky fighting the super stealth once again.

The regular enemies are mostly jets and some tanks and do nothing but follow a simple formula. First the enemies fly at you towards the screen, and then they come up from behind. Itís a cycle that every stage offers so nothing is going to surprise you.    

Like the other mobile Top Guns, you can choose to play as either Iceman or Maverick. Each has alternate stats for speed and power, but I did not notice any difference in their handling or weapons. With the credits earned by taking down enemy fighters you are able to upgrade targeting and durability. This is a must if you want to survive the onslaught of jets in the later levels. You can also buy missiles, fuel, and bombs before the start of each new mission.

After the story mission is complete you can go into Dog Fight which is nothing but a survival mode. How long can you survive the endless cycle of jets? Donít bother. We did that in the mobile After Burner II already, we donít need to again. 

Score: 5.5








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