Toro and Kuro Cross-up into Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter characters fighting Tekken characters in Street Fighter X Tekken is a videogame nerd dream come true. However, the most ridiculously awesome news is that Sony mascot cats Toro and Kuro will be in the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the game. Cole from Infamous was announced a while ago, but that guy is a chump compared to the might of Toro and Kuro. Toro is dressed like Ryu (with a Sony headband) and plays like him, while Kuro dresses and plays like Kazuya. Kuro's left eye even glows! I wonder how the balancing is for these two, but I don't really care how powerful or weak they end up being; it's just amazing that they're in the game at all. If these two don't make the cut when the game is localized for North America I'll be sad, but then I'll just import a copy thanks to region-free-ness. There haven't been any guest characters announced for the Xbox 360 version, but they can't possibly compete with Toro and Kuro. The video below is from the Vita version of SFxT and you can check out a bunch of PS3 screenshots at Andriasang. Thanks to my friend Dan for the tip.

Kuro might learn a thing or two about traps in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ken's hurricane kick yelling is indiscernible, but "NyanNaynNyanNyanNyanNayan," sounds about right.



- Shawn - 9/21/11