Toy Fair 2012 Goodness

Bits of Mass Effect, Borderlands, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Halo, and more

This year's Toy Fair had a way too much great stuff on display, but there are a few things that really stand out for me.

Square Enix are making Mass Effect 3 figures, but are at least starting with characters that were introduced in the first game with default male Shepard, Garrus, and Ashley. Finally, we'll get some quality Mass Effect figures. Also on display were the P.A.K. Metal Gear Solid figures, Cammy and Akuma from Street Fighter, and Batman: Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn and Armored Batman. Check out photos of all of them at ToyNewsi.

Square Enix has been making some good decisions for Play Arts Kai lately.

As for other Mass Effect goodies, Dark Horse will be making a Reaper replica to go along with their particularly awesome Normandy replicas. I don't know if it's in-scale to their Normandy or not. They also had on display the antique silver Normandy and other Mass Effect items, which you can check out at Tomopop.

Reaper no reaping!

The often delayed Claptrap has a new release date: May 2012. Will Claptrap finally come out? For real this time? There's also a cool Psyco Bandit figure. NECA already has a couple Borderlands 2 figures in the pipes with Salvador and the Assassin, but I'd really like to see figures of the four main playable characters from the first game. And Mad Moxxi.

Claptrap will probably be delayed again, so don't' get your hopes up.

The only Resident Evil thing I've seen from Toy Fair 2012 photos is a figure of Vector of Operation Raccoon City. It's looks great and seems to have knee articulation. NECA also has figures coming out from another zombie franchise, Left 4 Dead. They're nice and all, but I have no desire to get any of them. Check out more photos from NECA's booth for more videogame toys.

Will NECA make all the RE:ORC characters?

Jazwares is continuing their inconsistently sometimes good, sometimes bad Mortal Kombat line. From the photos it's difficult to tell exactly which are the 4" and which are the 6" figures, so here's a mix of everyone: Quan Chi, new Reptile, Nightwolf, Noob Saibot, Jax, Sonya Blade, Klassic Ermac, a freezing Sub Zero variant, a battle-damage Sub Zero variant, Shao Kahn, Goro, Scorpion and Sub Zero Through Time 3-packs, Shao Kahn throne, and a Shang Tsung (possibly with guard warriors) 3-pack. There are also some new Street Fighter figures coming from Jazwares, but I haven't been any kinds of impressed with any them, especially their awful Frankenstein Ryu.

The Shao Kahn prototype looks decent so far, but we'll see how the paint apps go.

Hey, remember when McFarlane Toys showed off the Halo Falcon and Banshee at least year's Toy Fair? Well, they showed them again this year. So are they coming out? They're much bigger than the Warthog, which is already big, so if they ever do make it out you'll need some serious room for these. I hope these are coming out, but McFarlane Toys has never mentioned them other than having them on display at Toy Fair. McFarlane toys also sent out official images of some of the Halo 4 figures, Micro Ops, and Avatar figures. Those Micro Ops are very awesome.

What's the story with these, McFarlane Toys? Are they coming out?

This year we get a good shot of how much bigger both the Banshee and Falcon are. They're huge!

I've already mentioned some things from G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but you can see Toy Fair photos of them here, here, and here.

- Shawn - 2/18/12