Toy Fair '13 Thoughts: Hasbro

Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel

Hasbro showed off a ton of stuff at Toy Fair this year, but here are a select few items that may find a spot on my collector radar.


Metroplex. Holy frak. Hasbro will be releasing the 24" tall Masterpiece Metroplex with paint apps based on his look in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I didn't think we would see Metroplex released in the U.S. until at least 2014 or ever, but he's on his way. Metroplex here can transform into robot, city, and vehicle-ish mode. he has all the features like light up eyes with articulated pupils, sounds, talking phrases, firing canons, repairs bays, landing strips... did I mention it's two feet tall?

Metroplex is on his way. He is two feet tall of pissed off giant Autobot.

For Transformers Generations Deluxe figures we'll get the first ever Orion Pax figure and Megatron based on his current look from the IDW comics. Of all the countless version of Optimus Prime we've seen since G1, it's kind of bizarre that this is the very first Orion Pax figure. The IDW Megatron is a figure I've been waiting for since he first appeared in the comics, so I'm all over this one. We also get a new Bumblebee, Trailcutter (renamed from the old Trailbreaker) and triple changers Blitzwing and Springer. It's great to see the triple changers making a come back.

Orion Pax and IDW Megatron? You spoil us, Hasbro.

There are a ton more blind-bagged Kre-O Kreons coming out including Arcee, Huffer, Kickback, Bombshell, Cheetor, Thrust, Ramjet, Perceptor, and Sharkticon. The first four Kreon combiners are already out with Devastator, Bruticus, Superion, and Predaking. Coming out later in the year will be Piranacon, Defensor, and Abonimus. New limited versions of some of the first Kreons are coming out with a few vac-metal pieces. This includes Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, Bumblebee, Starscream, and Iron Hide.

Defensor and all the Kreon combiners look a bit strange with leg-hands.

Prime Beast Hunters. Transformers Prime enters its third season as Beast hunters. The main bot for me is Shockwave, who has some red beast claws and chest piece. Is this Shockwave a hybrid of the normal Transformers and the beast Transformers?

The red beasty stuff looks good on Shockwave in robot mode, but a little weird in vehicle mode.

G.I. Joe

The G.I Joe: Retaliation line is coming back, in a way, as Hasbro will be releasing all the figures that didn't make it out to shelves before the movie got delayed for almost a year. The big new announcement is the awesome Eaglehawk helicopter, based on the old Tomahawk from the original line. This is essentially the same as the old vintage chopper, but Hasbro has retooled the cockpit to comfortable fit modern Joe figures.

Now all the Joes can get to da choppa.

The G.I. Joe Kre-O sets have started hitting Toys R Us shelves and a new set shown at Toy Fair has a HISS tank. Lego-ish HISS tank!

The G.I. Joe Kre-O sets are way better than the Transformers ones.

Star Wars

Hasbro is finally making 6" Star Wars figures. This could get me interested in collecting Star Wars toys that aren't select Vintage Collection releases. The first series will have X-Wing pilot Luke, Sandtrooper, R2-D2, and Darth Maul. There will also supposedly be a Boba Fett SDCC exclusive that might include Han in Carbonite. These look fantastic and Sandtrooper and R2 are definitely two figures I'll pick up. I'm not sure if I need a Luke in X-Wing gear or Darth Maul, yet, I'll have to wait until I see them (perhaps I should say IF I see them). The figures will be $20 each, which seems high for a ^" figure, however Marvel Legends seem to sell just fine at $20, so I think SWB will do just fine. Also, it's weird that Maul's cloak is actually attached to an alternate head.

Sandtrooper is in the Black.

There will also be Star Wars Black Series of 3.75" figures for some reason. Why? What makes these different than the multiple other Star Wars 3.75" lines on the shelves? It looks like just the packaging to me. Hasbro should have just reserved the Black Series for the 6" figures. I'll pass on the 3.75" Black line.

Hasbro will be continuing the Vintage Collection. Amazon will have an exclusive TIE Interceptor in Vintage packaging and a Slave-1 with a Han Solo in Carbonite. I love the original trilogy vintage stuff, so these will be on my radar, depending on the price. Meanwhile, Toys 'R' Us will get Biggs' X-Win in vintage packaging.

More sweet Vintage vehicles. I don't have space for more Vintage vehicles.


Rocket Raccoon is getting his own figure in the Marvel Legends line. Unfortunately, it seems that he might be the build-a-figure. Seriously? He's tiny yet he'll be chopped up into various parts across five larger expensive figures? I wonder if it would be cheaper to try to get one off eBay rather than buy five figures I don't want. He has nearly the same pose as his previous Marvel Universe figure, but with articulated arms and jaw. Way to go all out with RR, Hasbro.

I love Rocket Raccoon, but maybe not enough to buy five other figures just to build him.

We'll finally see an Emma Frost figure in the Marvel Universe line, however, she'll be in a 3-pack with Astonishing X-Men Cyclops and Colossus in Juggernaut armor. This is a cool 3-pack, but it will be nearly impossible to find because Emma is a part of it.

Emma Frost practically guarantees that you'll never see this in stores.

Of course Marvel Legends series is continuing. Be sure to check out a ton more photos of all this awesome stuff and a lot more at Action Figure Insider and ToyNewsi.

- Shawn - 2/12/13