Toy Fair '13 Thoughts: NECA

Predator, Aliens, RoboCop, BioShock Infinite, Gears of War, Pacific Rim, Portal, and Hello Kitty

NECA has a ton of great stuff coming out. Here's a bunch of figures that tickle my collecting bone.


NECA is bringing out a Trophy Room diorama for the Predator skulls that were included with a few of the Predator figures. This is awesome and gives me a place to put the skulls instead of just setting them somewhere. NECA is also making updated figures of the old ridiculous Kenner Predators. Lava Planet, Nightstorm, and Laser Shot are each being re-made with NECA's standards. The Nightstorm Predator even has a removable mask! It's about time, NECA. I love that NECA is remaking the old Pred figures. The packaging is even a throwback to the original line. This hits my nostalgia bone in a good way.

A trophy room and throwbacks of ridiculous Predators from when I was a kid. You're full of surprises, NECA.


With all their success with Predators, NECA's next huge line will be Aliens. There were three Alien warriors in black brown and blue-ish. The blue one has an exploding head, too, which I hope is an alternate and not the only head. The exploding head Locust from the Gears of War line limited the amount of scenes he guy could be in. Hudson and Hicks are also coming so we can make some awesome displays.

Is this diorama better than the Aliens: Colonial Marines game? Most likely.

NECA is continuing the Prometheus line, but the only figure that interests me is Deacon, the alternate Alien, so it's kind of part of the Alien line. In a very confusing way.


ED-209! I cannot wait for this figure. It looks absolutely perfect.

ED-209 is coming to battle your Robocop this Summer.

BioShock Infinite

NECA is making a Motorized Patriot figure for BioShock Infinite and it looks amazing. The paint apps and face cracking are very well done. Also, there's the final packaging for the Series 1 figures, so you know what to look for when the figures hit.

There's nothing more patriotic than a robo George Washington with a Gatling gun.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is one of my most anticipated movie for the year. These mechs look very cool and I hope NECA will be bringing the monsters from the film.


Gears of War

NECA's 3.75" Gears of Wars figures were on display. It looks like the first series will have Cole, Baird, Dom, Carmine, and two version of Marcus. One is regular Marcus and the other is blood-splattered with a gold lancer. These are looking good and I want to see Locusts. With the new smaller size I would also love to see some of the bigger creatures from the series. Can you imagine a Brumak for some little Locust figures to ride?

Maybe with the new size we'll get to see some bigger creatures like a Brumak or a Berserker.


NECA's Portal figures were on display with Chell and unpainted prototypes of Atlas and P-Body. I was considering the bigger ThreeA versions of the bots, but if the NECA ones are nearly as good maybe I'll just go with those instead. They will be a ton cheaper.

Atlas and P-Body are looking good so far.


NECA is doing a huge expansion the HeroClix with BioShock Infinite, Pacific Rim, Kick Ass 2, Smurfs, and even Iron Maiden. There will also be...

BioShock Infinite is entering the HeroClix realm.

...Hello Kitty HeroClix. Amazing.

Hello Kitty HeroClix. I wonder how Kitty and her friends stack up against Marvel and DC superheroes.

1/4 Scale Batmen

I will be very surprised if a good friend of mine does not buy the 1/4 scale Michael Keaton Batman.

Hello Kitty HeroClix. I wonder how Kitty and her friends stack up against Marvel and DC superheroes.

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- Shawn - 2/13/13