Toy Fair 2013 Thoughts: Square Enix

DC, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Dead Space, Halo, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear

Square Enix continues to make bunches of videogame figures and is expanding their DC lineup. Here are but a few select Play Arts Kai figures that caught my eye.


Apparently Square Enix will be making make more DC characters who aren't just from some kind of Batman title, but not just that; Square Enix is making original versions of DC characters. They have a Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Flash, and Green Lantern coming out. The Wonder Woman looks fantastic. It's hard to tell if the Batgirl will be good, since she's still an unpainted prototype. I'm not sure about the Flash yet. The paint apps could save it or kill it. That Green Lantern on the other hand, is absolutely terrible and one of the worst things I've seen come out of Toy Fair '13.

As for Batman figures, there are a ton of Batmen and Dark Knight characters, along with Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy and Arkham City Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy is rocking some nice vines and a deadly flower accessory. Of course Harley looks good. I wonder if Square Enix will ever do the larger characters from the Arkham games, like Bane or Killer Croc. If they did they'd probably cost twice as much, but they'd be super cool.

Street Fighter

On the Street Fighter front we have Guile, Ken, Ibuki, and Sakura. They all have alternate faces, hands, and some kind of accessory. They all look good, but I still think it's strange that Guile only has one half of a Sonic Boom, though.


Final Fantasy

Square Enix's bread and butter series is getting Play Arts Kai versions of Vincent, Yuffie, and Rufus. The detail on Vincent's cape already looks incredible on the unpainted prototype. It's crazy that Rufus is actually getting an action figure at all and he even gets an alternate bandaged head piece.


Tekken's Kazuya and Jun are looking amazing. I love the graphics on the pants. Get these and you can have some Street Fighter X Tekken battles that aren't Minimates.

Dead Space

That Isaac looks incredible, save for those knee ball joints, but that's typical for a lot of Play arts Kai figures.


A couple new Halo figures are coming, but the Spartan Scout looks better than the rest.

Resident Evil

Did you hate Resident Evil 6? Maybe the figures will be better. Unpainted prototypes of Leon and Helena were standing firm in the display case.

Hideo Kojima had already revealed Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden Liquid Snake on his Twitter beforehand, but those were on display, too. Head to Action Figure Insider, ToyNewsi, and Tomopop form more photos.

- Shawn - 2/16/13