Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: Capo Toys' Street Fighter

Capo Toys, the new challenger in Street Fighter figures, had their first five figures on display at this year's Toy Fair. Ryu, Sagat, and Guile were fully painted, while Chun Li and Blanka were still in the unpainted prototype phase. The figures are in scale with one another, so Sagat just towers over everybody else. I was intrigued when Capo Toys said that some of their figures will have cloth elements. Well, The Ryu and Sagat figures look great with cloth on them. The cloth elements work really well, but Capo Toys had a couple other neat little surprises.

Sagat towers over the other figures in his fancy shiny shorts.

According to, Blanka has partially articulated hair and Capo Toys is working on Guile's Dog Tags as a separate piece for the figure. I really like the idea of articulated hair for Blanka, as I don't thin that's ever been done for the character before. SOTA's Guile figure had separate dog tags and I think it would be a smart idea to continue with that so that the figure can do the winning pose with them. I'm hoping there are some other good accessories packed with the figures too, like effect parts or alternate hands or maybe just random things like when SOTA included Guile's comb.

There is a concern I have with a couple of the figures, though. The Sagat figure has a large space where his chest meets his stomach. Likewise, the Chun Li has some big spaces between her shoulders. As it is now, it would allow for a lot of movement, but it looks a bit off, like her shoulders were partially chopped. As these are still prototypes, I'm sure Capo is working to make these look as good as they can.

As you've noticed, I've did some comparing against SOTA's figures. See, I'm already of the strong opinion that SOTA's run on Street Fighter are the best figures the games have ever received. NECA's were good, but kind of bland at the same time. I got a Crimson Viper from them, but didn't need much else since the others were previously done by SOTA. The Play Arts Kai figures have their ups and downs. They're great, actually, but some of them have some awkward looking joints and the price can be intimidating sometimes when you're collecting lots of lines. JazWares' were just embarrassing; did you see their Frankenstein Ryu? Resaurus' had good likenesses, but the pre-poses some of the characters were stuck in limited their poseability. While they were sometimes far from being character accurate, Hasbro's releases were a fun way to get them included into the G.I. Joe universe. So far, Capo Toys have a similar look to SOTA's, which is good, but some of these figures might even be able to surpass SOTA with some of the different articulation that Capo is using. Compare the torso articulation of the Sagat and Guilefigures and you'll see what I mean. I'm excited to see how the final figures will turn out and to see what the first exclusives will be at EVO and SDCC. Be sure to check out more photos of the figures at and Action Figure Insider.

- Shawn - 2/23/14