Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: G.I. Joe

Hasbro celebrates GI Joe's 50th Anniversary with a new line of 3.75" figures and more Kre-O.

G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary

After all the hype surrounding Transformers 30th Anniversary, there was never any mention from Hasbro regarding G.I. Joe's much bigger 50th Anniversary. At Toy Fair, Hasbro finally revealed that they are doing something for the Joes' 50th by making a series of multi-figure and multi-vehicle packs with special 50th Anniversary packaging. There will be figure two-packs, figure three-packs, and vehicle two-packs available this Fall. What's great about the line is that many of the figures were originally just concept figures for the 25th/30th Anniversary figure style that were shown off at various conventions years ago, which didn't get made until now. It's pretty awesome that some of these figures are seeing an actual release. A few of the figures are new ideas on established characters, like the Night Viper in red and black, and the especially cool Arctic B.A.T. A few of the figures look like straight re-releases of earlier and/or harder-to-find figures.

Arctic B.A.T. would have made a lot more sense in all those snow scenes with the regular B.A.T.S.

For vehicle packs, first up is the Cobra Wolf and Arctic Skyhawk with Ice Viper and Arctic Snake Eyes. The Skyhawk looks great in the Arctic color scheme and it's awesome that the Cobra Wolf is finally seeing a re-release.

The Cobra Wolf finally returns and a sweet new repaint for the Skyhawk.

The second vehicle pack has a VAMP Mk. II in digital camo and a blue Cobra Night Landing with Flint and a Cobra Eel. This will be a Toys 'R' Us exclusive while the third pack looks to be a San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive. The SDCC pack contains a brown VAMP and black Night Landing with alternate Flint and Cobra Eel figures. It's kind of funny how the vintage style brown VAMP and blue Night Landing are in separate sets. That's how Hasbro is making you want to buy both.

The SDCC 2014 exclusive G.I. Joe set is the only way for the vintage painted VAMP.

There will always be new repaint possibilities for the trusty VAMP.

The figure two-packs consist of Low Light Vs. Night Viper, Lady Jaye Vs. Baroness, Blowtorch Vs. Heat Viper, and Snow Job Vs. Arctic B.A.T. I love the Arctic B.A.T. and the new Night Viper is pretty awesome. The three-packs are Beachhead with Cobra Trooper and Viper, and Leatherneck, Destro, and General Hawk. I'm digging that gray and red Viper. It's good to see that Hasbro is actually doing something for G.I. Joe's 50th Anniversary. Head over to Yo Joe to see where these figures originally come from and larger photos of all the figures.

A brand new look for the Night Viper.


Hasbro's G.I. Joe Kre-O sets are continuing with a massive Terror Drome set. This thing looks huge and seems to have features of the original. It includes a Skyhawk and Serpentor on his Air Chariot. The Firebat, the original version, was included with the original Terror Drome, but the Kre-O one will be sold separately. The Firebat set does include the Joe's Wolverine tank, though. A smaller set with an outpost and a Cobra Ferret includes Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow mini-figures. There will be at least three more series of the blind-bagged Kreon mini-figures, too. I love the G.I. Joe Kre-O sets; these have turned out so much better than the Transformers Kre-O sets. Of course, just like the first series of sets, these will also be exclusive to TRU. Check out the rest of the Kre-o photos at ToyNewsi.

If you can't find a real Terror Drome, the Kre-O  might be a decent alternative, for now.

The Firebat is in a separate set, so you'll need to buy two sets to complete the Terror Drome.

- Shawn - 2/17/14