Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: NECA

It seems like NECA has more stuff than ever. They have Godzilla, Predators, Aliens, BioShock Infinite, Pacific Rim, Planet of the Apes, Robocop, Halo, and lots more stuff coming out. Here's some NECA figures that caught my eye from Toy Fair.


NECA officially announced Godzilla figures. Godzilla will be Godzilla '94 from Godzilla Vs. Space Godzilla and Godzilla '85 from The Return of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985). The figures will stand 6" tall, be 12" from head to tail, and have 30 points of articulation. These will certainly give S.H. MonsterArts a run for their money.


NECA is making more Kenner tribute Predators. The next three Kenner Preds in Series 13 will be Scavenge, Renegade, and Cracked Tusk. I mostly loved the previous tribute Preds, so I'm very happy to see these continue. I'm sure the glow-in-the-dark Pred is somewhere in the works for NECA.

Before the awesomeness of more Kenner tributes, Series 12 will have two Predators from the Bad Blood comic with the Bad Blood and the Enforcer Preds, along with a new & improved Elder Pred. I haven't read the comic, but I like the look of those two figures.

Most unexpectedly, NECA is re-making Kenner's Blade Fighter vehicle. This thing look very big and includes an exclusive Predator. I wasn't big into the original, so I can probably pass on this. It looks cool, but that's going to take up a lot of space, and I already have lots of big things taking up space.


There's a Power Loader coming! Holy crap, it looks amazing. The upcoming Ripley figures will be able to fit inside it, too. Yep, NECA announced that they will have the first figures with Sigourney Weaver's approval and likeness. The first figure will be Ripley in her Nostromo jumpsuit from Alien, with the second figure being her from Aliens. Prototypes for both figures will be at San Diego Comic-con this year.

NECA also showed off not one, but two Jonesy figures. Is the Ripley figure going to include two figures of everyone's favorite space feline?

For Aliens Series 3, NECA is bringing Alien 3's Dog Alien, Bishop from Aliens, and Kane in Nostromo Suit. However, the Kane figure has the Facehugger attached to its face because apparently John Hurt wouldn't approve the likeness. That's a shame. Sigourney Weaver finally signs off on figures, but not John Hurt? I think once Sigourney approves then everyone has to approve, that should be a rule. So the Kane figure will always be in Facehugger mode. It's good for a diorama that needs Kane like that, but that's about it. At least there is a Dallas in Nostromo Suit coming, with Tom Skerritt's bearded mug.

BioShock Infinite

A two-up of the Booker figure was shown off, but who knows if it'll see a release. I have my doubts, but maybe we'll actually see it. The next Motorized Patriot is the Benjamin Franklin model. If these figures continue then the Abraham Lincoln and Comstock Patriots would be next. I kind of want Lincoln one the most.

Pacific Rim

The Series 3 figures were on display with Coyote Tango, Cherno Alpha, Axe Head, and the bigger & battle-damage Knifehead. I'm excited to get more of the Jaegers. Hopefully these will be easier to find than the previous two series.

Planet of the Apes

NECA had their original Planet of the Apes figures and the newer Dawn of the Planet of the Apes stuff. Very cool. I love the Apes movies, but don't need figures of them.


It's Robocop in a jetpack from Robocop 3. That's about is for Robocop. I wonder if NECA will be making a Kane figure at some point.


NECA previously announced that they would be doing a bunch of Halo stuff, but it seems that the only Halo things on display was the prototype for the 18" Master Chief. Looking good so far, but I really want to see what else NECA is making for Halo.


No borderlands figures, because apparently nobody want Borderlands figures other then an occasional Claptrap repaint. Although, there weren't any new Claptraps either, so I'm guessing that Borderlands figures are dead. Man, I really wanted figures of all the Vault Hunters.

Check out the big NECA photo gallery at Action Figure Insider for even more figures.

- Shawn - 2/22/14