ToyFare Magazine is Dead

Wizard announced that they will cease publication of ToyFare today. The much-longer running Wizard Magazine is ending, too. I only ever read a few issues of Wizard, so the shock isn't as much for them as it is for good ol' ToyFare. ToyFare was one of my favorite mags and I still have every issue since #1. It will be greatly missed. Their content got little thinner over the years, but I thought they were doing aright with all the big "world reveal exclusives" they've had recently. It's not entirely surprising seeing the two magazines end given that everything is available on the internet these days. It had to happen someday, but it's still a shock when something you've been reading every month for the past 14 years is suddenly dead and done.

At a San Diego Comic-con one year I got to meet ToyFare's big man at the time, Zach Oat. I saw him checking out some toys so I went up to him, shook his hand, and told him how much I loved ToyFare. He had a strange look on his face and probably thought I was a weirdo (there are plenty at cons), but it was cool meeting the guy.

This is just as bad as when EGM was suddenly silenced. We have EGM again, though, and Wizard will be starting a digital magazine called Wizard World soon, but we have yet to hear if there will be room for ToyFare on the new site. At the very least I hope that ToyFare gets a true last issue that says "FINAL ISSUE" on it so it can go out with some dignity and not just all-of-a-sudden. It probably won't happen because of the man deeming it an extra worthless cost, but would be a nice bookend to the magazine. (via Newsarama and everywhere else)

Issue #1 is still one of the greatest covers of ToyFare.

- Shawn - 1/24/11