Toyota Allies with Zeon to Bring us Char's Car

Last year, Toyota unveiled a concept Auris specially made for notorious Gundam character Char Aznable, but now Toyota plans to actually sell the car to the public. The MS-186H-CA Auris hatchback is painted matte red, with detailing and labels inspired by Char's signature red Zaku. Even the logo is a combination of Toyota's and Zeon's. It looks awesome for a hatchback. To make this car a reality, Toyota has allied itself with Zeonic, the fictional Zeon manufacturer that makes the mobile suits for Zeon. Zeonic Toyota, the combined named of these two manufacturing titans, has an official website for Char's car, aiming to release the car for sale later this year.

Not only is Char's Auris three times faster, it also gets three times the gas mileage.

Despite the fact that Toyota has allied itself with what is largely seen as a fictional villainous organization, this car is going to sell incredibly well. There are also commercials of anime Char admiring the real car, which are kind of humorous.


This car isn't close the normally the kind of car I would drive, but this look amazing. I need one of these. Hmm, I wonder how much it would be to import one of these. I should look into that.

So, Japan now has a life-sized giant Gundam and Zeonic is basically on the verge of becoming a real company. Yeah, we're totally headed towards a Gundam future.

- Shawn - 1/15/13