-Sega (1986)


The Story

Before Autobots and Decepticons there was only one. Its name was Transformer and while its origin is unknown, it was a hero to many civilizations. This recounts Transformerís toughest battle to single-handedly free the planet of Kotuwa from the grip of the giant brain.

The giant brain and its forces of spherical robots invaded the planet without warning. The enemy forces took over three major cities and installed underground bases. The Kotuians sent out a call for help and Transformer answered.

My Thoughts

Transformer. Not many in a battle over energy, just one saving a planet. While having nothing to do with Autobots and Decepticons, The transformer does transform, making an average shooter a little more interesting.

Transformer can transform from a robot into a spaceship with each form having different capabilities. The spaceshipís lasers can only shoot forward and moves very fast. It not only increases the speed of its maneuverability, but the scroll rate of the screen. The robot form is slower with a slower screen scroll, but has a spread shot that can take out enemies in many directions. Youíll find it advantageous to use switch to each form throughout gameplay. Also, while in robot mode, the transformer can walk along the ground. You may not do it much, but itís cool to have that little detail thrown in.  

Because it's a blood-thirsty machine, the transformer powers-up its weapons simply by killing. Or it could be from just surviving long enough, Iím not sure which. As you progress through the stages your POW bar gradually increases. The bar has four colors, the first being red. Once that portion fills up, the transformerís weapons are a little better. When the pink, orange, and yellow portions are full, the transformerís weapon is at its maximum. The weapon the transformer holds begins as a small white gun but evolves into a deadly pink bazooka at the end of the multi-colored bar.

The enemies are unremarkable shooter fare, such as circles, circles with pointy do-dads, circular things that open up to shoot, and some robo-tanks. There are also robots that look like blue Imperial Stormtroopers with jet-packs and cheese balls that rain from the heavens.

The game is divided into four rounds with two stages each. This first part of each round takes place above ground. You eliminate a boss and proceed to an underground base through a tube. Inside of bases you not only have to maneuver around walls and deactivate force fields until to reach the boss of that round.

The bosses of the first halves of the rounds are a spiny round ship in rounds one and two and a two-headed flying serpent thing in rounds three and four. The end round bosses that you fight underground are a large green robot, a space pterodactyl, something that might be large tank, and a floating brain with tentacles.   

The graphics and sounds are rather forgettable. Nearly all the enemies are colored orange or green, or a combination of the two. All the stages have a blue or purple background, although it does have some parallax scrolling in the above ground stages. The game is wholly average, but it does offer a decent challenge. Really the only thing worth playing this for is the ability to transform the transformer.

Score: 5.5






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