Transformers Prime Episodes 3, 4, and 5 Review

Oh, sorry, Bulkhead, didn't know you were busy raping a Decepticon drone. Awkward...

I felt it was necessary to do a brief review of the next three episodes of Transformers Prime since they are technically part of the full premiere, even though they didn't premiere with the rest of the premiere. Go figure. This review will be a little a different as I've just bullet pointed good and bad parts of these latest three episodes. There may be some minor spoilers.

  • The words "undead" and "zombies" were specifically used to describe the Transformers brought back to life with Dark Energon. Zombie Transformers are now officially official.

  • The reason the backgrounds are so sparse is because this takes place in Nevada. I guess that makes sense now. There's got to be a Vegas episode coming up.

  • Optimus and Ratchet fought a hundred or so zombie-bots on Earth, but how did all those dead transformers get in Nevada in the first place? Did I miss something or was this part of that whole previous war on Earth that that no one ever talks about? I hope this, and why there are only three main Decepticons and a handful of Autobots, is explained at some point.

  • The Autobots had a really tough time fighting the Decepticon drones in the first two episodes, but in these three episodes the Autobots basically just mopped the floor with them. Did the Autobots suddenly get better at fighting or did the drones suddenly get worse? Man, which ever way it is, Cliffjumper must have really sucked at being an Autobot. No wonder he died in the first episode.

  • Are the Autobots really just going to mainly fight drones and zombies every week? I really hope not.

  • There was one battle between Starscream and three of the Autobots, which was awesome because it just wasn't the Autobots fighting drones.

  • Optimus and Megatron had their battle. It was good because it wasn't just drones and zombies. Maybe this is their plan, though; to make us appreciate the fights between named characters by feeding us trivial drone and zombie battles. I'd still rather have all named characters around.

  • Unfortunately, Soundwave is the Decepticon version of Bumblebee because Soundwave does not have his own voice. He only speaks using things he records from what others say. It sucks.

  • I think Laserbeak was introduced. Laserbeak's name wasn't specifically used, but I think it was Laserbeak. It looked like a Cybertronian bird thing, at least.

  • Optimus Prime's weird mouth continues to freak me out.

  • The voice acting is still excellent. Mostly.

  • I'm more used to Bulkhead's new voice and he is starting to show more traits of the Animated Bulkhead. He also scene where he told Miko to look away before he ripped out a drone's heart which was a great character moment for him.

  • Miko, the Japanese girl, seemed to slip into a Latino accent at least twice.

  • Bumblebee continues to irritatingly beep and boop.

  • The kids get in the way. All the time.

  • Ratchet is great. He still wants to get rid of the kids as much as fans do.

  • The sexual tension between Jack and Miko is palpable...

  • ..but so is the sexual tension between Jack and Arcee.

  • Raf, the super smart kid who looks like he's six, is actually twelve. Huh.

  • Raf can hack Cybertronian code and Cybertronian computer programs. In fact, he understands Cybertronian tech better than the Autobots do. Seriously.

  • Optimus said the line, "One shall stand. One shall fall." This line was great the first time we heard it, but now it's getting a bit over-used.

Well, it's Transformers, so I'll continue to watch it. Was it better? A little, but I'm still not digging this whole zombie thing. Mainly I'm hoping of seeing more actual Transformers and not countless drones and zombies.

-Shawn - 12/10/10