Tron Legacy Toys are From the Future

The first shots and videos of Spinmaster's Tron: Legacy figures have arrived and they're kind of amazing. Unfortunately, like many movie toy line they give away a spoiler. It's fairly minor compared to other toys lines in the past, but is something that would be so much more exciting to see if you weren't expecting it. It's in the second paragraph, so you've been warned. Alright, onto the figure and vehicles. The figures' suits and vehicles light-up, which is a cool feature to have on a single figure in any toy line. However, the whole Tron: Legacy line is going to have the light-up feature. Not only that, but the figures also have light projected faces inside their helmets with the push of a button. I think that might be a first for any figure line. The faces look like the actors and they spout off lines from the movie. The figures are 7.5-inches tall and look to have some decent articulation so they can be placed in the required disc poses.

Spinmaster also revealed their radio control light cycles that can - now this is the spoilery part because the press release says they do this in the movie - drive on walls and ceilings. Using some kind of future suction technology, the cycles can scuff up your walls for hours, or however long the batteries last. Spinmaster actually has some other Air Hogs toys that can do this already, but the Tron cycles are for a license I actually care about, so it's more noteworthy. It gets better, though. The light cycles also have a 6-foot trail of light coming out the back and when another cycle runs into the trail it will lose power and fall off the wall or ceiling. That is too awesome. The only downside is that these make a ton of annoying noise. Watch the video to see them in action yourself. The light trail doesn't appear to be six feet long in the video, but maybe there's a sensor that makes up for the missing beam length. The toys will be on display at SDCC this year and might be in stores in the Fall. (via ToyNewsi with more videos at Wired)

- Shawn - 6/22/10